Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chronicles Of Israfel, The - Starborn, Tome I

Band: The Chronicles of Israfel
Album: Starborn, Tome I
Year: 2007
Genre: Progressive Metal, Alt-Metal, Experimental
Country: Canada
Filesize: ~90 MB
"The Rip": high quality VBR

Track Listing:
1. Starborn Part I: Empire of Light
2. Starborn Part II: Citizen
3. Starborn part III: On A Forever Road
4. Burning Day
5. The Equinigma
6. Laudanum
7. Nation
8. Born Fighting
9. Kill Division
10. New Mood Therapy for a Medicated Babylon
11. Eugenics
12. Home To Oblivion
13. Lacrima Christi


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