Saturday, March 22, 2008

Anberlin - Lost Songs

Band: Anberlin
Album: Lost Songs
Year: 2007
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Pop-Punk, Punk, Rock
Location: Winter Haven, Florida, USA
Filesize: split files, ~96mb & 35mb
"The Rip": super high quality VBR

Track Listing:
  1. The Haunting (Cities B-Side)
  2. Uncanny (Cities: Special Edition)
  3. Like a Rolling Stone (Listen to Bob Dylan: A Tribute Album) (Bob Dylan cover)
  4. A Day Late (Acoustic) (Purevolume exclusive)
  5. Enjoy The Silence (Punk Goes 90's Compilation) (Depeche Mode cover)
  6. Cadence (Acoustic)
  7. Downtown Song (Never Take Friendship Personal B-Side)
  8. There is a Light That Never Goes Out (Cities: Special Edition) (The Smiths cover)
  9. Dismantle.Repair. (Acoustic)
  10. The Promise (Cities: Special Edition) (When in Rome cover)
  11. Naïve Orleans (Acoustic)
  12. Inevitable (AOL Sessions Under Cover)
  13. The Unwinding Cable Car (AOL Sessions Under Cover)
  14. Creep (AOL Sessions Under Cover) (Radiohead cover)
  15. Baby Please Come Home (Happy Christmas Vol. 4 Compilation)
  16. Ready Fuels (Demo)
  17. Driving (Autobahn) (Demo)
  18. Everywhere in Between (Demo)
  19. Hidden Track (Glass to the Arson MIDI)
Download #1
Download #2

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